2. International Day Against Racism

Let’s use the chance – talk about racism

On March 21 IntegrART-media and documents will be presented simultaneously in all partner countries. The partner organizations and participants of The Grundvik-Project IntegART – Hungary, Turkey, Italy, Great Britain and Germany – will use this day for a joined action with media presentations and other events, strengthening the demands of refugees and civil society forces in Europe for human rights and better living conditions.

Though the national situations in our countries are different, we are confronted with a continuity and an increase of discrimination, right wing extremism, racist hate and racism in the middle of our societies – but at the same time with growing self-organizations and civil society-movements, acting in favour of participation and equality of the majority and minorities, for equal rights for all.

March 21, the International Day Against Racism expresses the international belief that common strategies and actions should be taken against racism. Proclaimed by the UN in 1966, the Programme of Action to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination (1979) and the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (2001) as well as a political declaration in 2011, the activities of this worldwide day express the “strong determination to make the fight against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and the protection of the victims thereof, a high priority for [their] countries”[1].

Civil societies in many European countries practice the Durban Declaration, amongst others coordinated by UNITED for Intercultural Action (Amsterdam, Netherlands)[2] . With UNITED, being supported by the EU, too, there is a unique platform to publish, announce and communicate our activities.

We believe in an intercultural open society, and regard our exchange in the Grundvik-Project and the production of video-clips by refugees in our five European countries as a contribution to raise awareness in all fields of life for the living conditions of refugees and the necessity of solidarity – as a key to defeat racism.

“All different – all equal” is our standard for a respectful, peaceful, non-racist, non-discriminatory and inclusive future in Europe. This dream is not yet reality, but with our efforts we want to strengthen the demand for a Europe with equal rights, solidarity and human living conditions for all.

[2]          www.unitedagainstracism.org

Global Link (UK)

Global Link, ARC (Asylum Refugee Community) and Action Factory contributed to the International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21st by launching, and showing, digital stories created by refugees in Preston Library as part of Preston’s ‘Standing Together Against Racism’ event. At the same time, our partners around Europe were launching their own exhibitions.

Global Link and Action Factory held a screening of the refugees’ digital stories and the film of the play ‘REFUGE’, created by a young ARC refugee. Preston Library then showed the refugees’ digital stories on a constant loop for two weeks after the launch event.

In the comments book, an audience member at the launch wrote, ‘I watched the digital stories presented by Global Link. It opened my eyes and raised my consciousness about the suffering of all the asylum seekers…. The digital stories demonstrated the strength and struggle of asylum seekers to fit in with the host country. Global Link is a credit to bringing this forward to the British public…’

Initiative für Internationalen Kulturaustausch (DE)

On Refugees’ day 21st March the Nourus is celebrated by numerous members of the local community so we decided to do the screening of digital stories on 18th March 2014. Luckily we were offered the refugees’ hostel in Hildesheim Street, where some of our participants resided during the workshops, for the screening. This was a special occasion since normally this hostel is not open to the public.

About a hundred visitors attended the program and it exceeded our expectations.  Unfortunately the privacy policy of the hostel did not allow the press to take part at the event, as it would make the persecuted inhabitants of the hostel feel insecure. The mayor of Hannover, Mrs. Wagner the regional president’s deputy and Mrs. Wegener, the head of the hostel introduced the screening and informed the visitors about the hostel.

Twelve digital stories of the partnership were screened (three of each partner countries). The viewers had comments to each film and the participants of the workshop gave details of the creative process. During the informal talks we had the opportunity to get in touch with a students’ initiative who came to see the digital stories.

Nilüfer Sosyal Yardimlaşma ve Dayanişma Vakfi (TR)

21st of March:

Nilüfer SYDV prepared a screening for all digital stories prepared in IntegrArT project in a public school on 21st of March. The screening was open to public and there was a cocktail before the screening. We made two sessions in the morning and afternoon. There were about 50 people in each session.

24th of March:

We made the opening ceremony of project exhibition open from 24th till 30th of March in the most famous mall of Bursa. We exhibited the digital stories and artworks (paintings) of school students which prepared for IntegrArt project.

30th of March:

The exhibition continued in a public school. Because of the elections (people vote in schools in Turkey) there were many people coming to schools on 30th of March. The exhibition was open for two weeks in the school.

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L’Officina della Memoria (IT)

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Fotomemoria Foundation / ANTHROPOLIS (HU)