Global Link

Global Link is a development education centre and a charity based in the North of England. We use creative experiential learning methodologies and resources to encourage learning for a more just and sustainable world. We work with young people, teachers, tutors, organisations and communities. We specifically deliver work around the key concepts of the ‘global dimension’, including global interdependence and citizenship, human rights and diversity, social justice, sustainable development and conflict resolution.



Digital Storytelling is the primary methodology we have learnt and used in this project. We learnt the methodology from our partner Anthropolis in Hungary, then ran workshops with refugees and asylum-seekers in Blackburn, UK. The feedback from the participants was very positive, including that it had developed their confidence and self-esteem, as well as their IT and English language skills.

We are also using participatory theatre methods to work with refugees and asylum-seekers in Blackburn to devise and perform their own piece of theatre exploring refugee issues. This will be devised, filmed and launched in the autumn.

Methodologies we have shared with our European partners include

  • PERSONA DOLLS: Large dolls with different ethnicities that Early Years’ (3 – 5) practitioners can use to introduce cultural diversity into Early Years settings, as well as to challenge discrimination []
  • ESCAPE TO SAFETY: Global Link’s multi-media experiential learning exhibition about asylum-seeking, where participants listen to a soundtrack on an MP3 player which follows the voices of 3 asylum-seekers as they escape their countries to seek asylum in the UK.
    Escape to Safety on the Global Link Website.
  • OUTDOOR REFUGEE SIMULATION: A full day outdoor learning simulation where young people ‘become’ refugees for a day, and have to ‘escape’ their country, cross borders illegally and seek asylum in the UK. Refugee Simulation Video on Global Link Website.