Fotomemoria / Anthropolis

FotoMemoria Foundation

FotoMemoria Foundation (Fotomemoria Alapítvány) was founded in 2011 as a result and continuation of a former LLP-Grundtvig-project with the same title. Based on the results of FotoMemoria project the foundation main objectives are researches, educational programmes (for adults, students, children and professionals) and publications concerning family photography and memories as representation of identity and means of transmission of local culture, traditions, knowledge in order to develop visual awareness of different social groups. Cooperation with the Institute of Cultural and Visual Anthropology of University of Miskolc and the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography forms a scientific background – both in theory and practice – for the activities of the foundation. FotoMemoria is organising the first national conference on family photography and private documents in Hungary. The foundation is to manage an online database to collect, archive and share family photographs and relating stories.

Anthropolis Association

Anthropolis Anthropological Public Benefit Association (Anthropolis Egyesület) was founded by young anthropologists in 2002. The association published the first anthropological periodical in Hungary (anthro p o l i s), produced documentaries on Hungarian minorities, migrants & on the MDGs in East Africa, organized media campaigns and awareness-raising festivals on global issues, and initiated a news portal on development ( In the recent years Anthropolis became one of the most active Hungarian NGOs in Global Education. The association founded the first Hungarian Development Education Resource Centre and published lecture books for elementary and secondary school students. Anthropolis regularly organizes school workshops for students, seminars for teachers and youthworkers and roundtable discussions between GE stakeholders. The organization is also active in peace education: during the project ‘Global Education Through Sport’ Anthropolis organized the world’s first rugby match between an Israeli and a Palestinian team. Anthropolis has an active and leading role in popularising the methodology of Digital storytelling in Hungary. We organise workshops and created the website and archive for digital storytelling. The association is a board member of HAND, the Hungarian NGDO Platform.