Nilüfer Sosyal Yardimlaşma ve Dayanişma Vakfi

Nilüfer Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation is a governmental foundation which works depending on Governorship of Nilüfer. All the aid for needy-indigent people living in Nilüfer District are provided by our foundation. District Governor of Nilüfer is also the President of our foundation.

Our foundation provides all kind of aid (food, shelter, clothing, education, etc.) for needy people in our district. Those are also provided for people living in ladies’ shelter and men’s shelter.

In our evaluation meetings we ask other governmental agencies in our districtto guide the disabled or needy people to our foundation, and we reach them immediately for help.

All people with disabilities in our town take the advantages of the rights primarily. We perform social works according to EU references to give them a better life. We charge personnel and vehicle to reach people with disabilities’ homes and take their applications for their needs if required.

According to the protocol that we signed with Turkish Employment Organisation, we provide employment opportunity in appropriate positions for our unemployed citizens.

Our foundation performs projects to provide financial help for our needy citizens to create their own business. We take their applications, make some researches to understand if they really need these funds, and prepare the proposal to take governmental fundings for them. A lot of needy citizens built their own business with our help.

We have also provided governmental fundings for farmers living in rural areas to buy animals and supported agriculture and stockbreeding in our district.

We have opened vocational education courses in prisons to integrate people in prisons into the social life and provide employment for them after they come out of prison.

This kind of vocational education courses are also opened for people from disadvantaged social groups. And studies are held to provide employment for them.

Our Project Office has started to perform local, national and international projects in February, 2011.

We have performed 6 EU projects and 1 project with USA in the name of District Governorship of Nilüfer and Nilüfer Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.