L’Officina della Memoria


L’officina della memoria is an Association of Social Promotion, a non-profit organisation running several projects about the memory and local history of Umbria Region. It offers educational twinning, guided tours and audiovisual workshops to teachers, pupils and migrants, to facilitate the cultural integration and promote the value of personal stories as resources for all community.

Website: www.officinadellamemoria.com/

In the last two years it organised two workshop called “Migrants memories” which involved students of Vocational and High schools in the production of two videos “Ti racconto il futuro” (I’ll tell you the future) and “Pesce fuor d’acqua” (Fish out of water) realised with video interviews about the leaving of the origin country to start a new life in a foreign country. L’officina della memoria took part as an Association Partner in the European project “Routes: Analysis of 20th Century European Migration”

In the IntegrArt project the association done the following activities:

  1. Take part to train the trainers workshop in Hungary – three days workshop on digital storytelling and partner meeting on the national workshops and  local exhibition. As Italian partner we produced five digital stories.
  2. Implementations of national workshops with migrant and refugees in the partner countries. As Italian partner we produced four qualitative interviews on the biography of asylum seekers and refugees and we organized a workshop on digital storytelling with the collaboration of the Centre of Immigration belonging to Municipality of Perugia.
  3. Study tour in the UK: meeting and workshop with refugees and representatives of NGOs working in the field; methodology exchange (partners from the UK and Italy shared their methods with the other three partners); meeting with the deputy-mayor of Blackburn. As Italian partner we run a workshop on video-interview methodology.